Board of Directors


Andre Willis​
Andre is a native of Macon Georgia and has been a resident for the past 6 years. Raised a military child Andre believes in hard work and discipline.Andre attended Columbus State Community College to pursue a degree in business marketing and management ending with a phlebotomy certificate. Andre currently works in the home health field which he has done so for the  last 10 years off and on. Andre believes that nonprofit organizations can help to better the lives of individuals who do not know how to use their voice to better life for themselves or simply do not have the knowledge. Andre is very family oriented. Andre lives by the truth: Treat others the way you want to be treated.....


Gregory Mitchell
Gregory is a native of Albany, GA but has been a resident of Atlanta, GA for the past 3 years. Gregory attended the Unsinkable Albany State University where he majored Marketing. While at ASU he was a campus ambassador, a Presidential Scholar, and a member of the Honor's Council. He is the owner of Mad Scientist Embellishing where he believes that a little beauty can brighten anyone's day. Gregory is also involved in the community service organization Beta Phi Nu, where he participates any a plethora of activities aimed at enriching the Atlanta Metro. Gregory lives by the phrase: The journey of a lifetime starts with a single step. So, always get up and put your best foot forward...


Sincere Lambert
Executive Director
Sincere is a native of Manhattan, New York but has been a resident of Warner Robins, GA for the past 15 years. Sincere attended the Kentucky State University where he majored in Health and Medical Occupational Reflexology. Sincere also attended Axia University where he majored in Business Administration. He is the Owner/President of Umbrella Operations and Holdings a multi-business holdings firm that owns and operates multiple businesses under one parent company. He has worked with numerous charity organization to build and help enrich his personal believe an goal to better all communities. 


Kofi Johnson
Kofi is a native of Albany, GA but has lived in Atlanta, GA for the past 12 years. Kofi attended the Unsinkable Albany State University where he double majored in Business Management and Psychology. Kofi is employed by the Quick Trip Corporation, where he serves as a district trainer. In his spare time he enjoys competing in pageants, which opened the door to the philanthropy work that he has been heavily involved in for years. His greatest accomplishment so far is is annual holiday drive where he spearheads feeding over 500 people affected by homelessness in the city of Atlanta, as well as provides them with care packages with essential items for hygiene and survival. Kofi lives by the phrase: I want to ensure that my living isn't in vain. After I'm gone, let my legacy speak for me.


Damon Edwards
Damon was born in Columbus, Ohio, but has been a resident of Atlanta, Georgia technically for 6 years. Damon attended the Ohio State University where he majored in music vocal production. While at OSU he garnered the fourth highest position for a student, Vice President of the Residential Hall Advisory Council. Currently celebrating 8 years of employment at FacilitySource, Damon is also involved in HIV and AIDS research, study, and support groups. Currently acting as Vocal Music Director for the Glee club of a local support group. Carrying the gift of sight, Damon relishes on seeing the end results early in the stages of most productions.

Who We Are

We here at Evangeline believe in YOU having complete control of the Architectural Design of your Life. Evangeline is a non profit organization that is built on its core values of honesty, integrity, respect, diversity, equality, self-reliance, willpower, and inclusion. Our goal is to build a foundation that enriches the communities in which we strive to be apart of by provided support on many level for the betterment of human life. 
We see diversity as our strength, and this has ensured that we will be the organization of choice for years to come. 

What We Do

Our team has a great wealth of experience and know that, despite the complexity of some life issues, there should be no mystery to the people we help.  We aim to make our mission to help as clear and easy to understand as possible.
We provide services for, but not limited to physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, well being. Creating positive programming outlets for creativity thru the arts and explore avenues of new ways to express those feelings.

Program Services:

Educational Programming

​Evangeline will assist all participants with connecting to opportunities for educational advancement. Services will be based upon personalized assessments and geared toward both prevention and intervention strategies. Activities and engagements will focus on: 

  * Garnering relationships with institutions for opportunities for high school and GED completion for participants
  * Increasing the number of participants entering and graduating from college by providing SAT/ACT tutoring and            pre-college consultations.
  * Creating oppoutunities for academic advancement for all individuals desiring educational progression.

Economic Development

​​Evangeline in its core programming will assist all individauls in their desire to seek jobs that pay livable wages. Programming activities will include the following economic development interventions to help participants improve their skills and gain work experience and self-confidence so that they may succeed in their job search. Based on the needs of the individual, our staff and volunteers will:

  * Assess job skills and interests
  * Help set job goals
  * Develop an employment plan
  * Connect participants with training to learn new skills
  * Help create/update resumes


​Evangeline will provide and connect individual to mental and physical health programming for improved health indices. Volunteers and staff will work with trained and licensed individuals and service providers to develop prevention, treatment and recovery plans to meet the unique needs of individuals undergoing or at-risk health crises.

Arts Programming

​Evangeline will mobilize a cadre of arts inspired programming with goals of eliminating social isolation, garnering esprit de corps, entertainment and educational enrichment. Activities will include such key events as:

  * Pageantry
  * Male and Female Illusionist Performances
  * Festivals
  * Special Outings

Civic Engagement 

​Evangeline will provide opportunities that allow for participants to be engaged within their community {affinity and geographical} and its restoration. Activities of commitment will include the following amongst others:

  * Neighborhood Volunteerisms
  * Civic Engagement
  * Volunteer Service Fairs
  * Physical Remediation and Improvements
  *Charity Events and Fundraisers